2018 Winners

2018 Winners

Rishi is a senior at the Illinois Mathmatics and Science Acadmey. Rishi thought of his innovation, GoGo Riders, when he and his family was traveling to the airport and found the prices for other ride-sharing services to be too high. GoGo Riders is a ride-sharing service that allows customers to negotiate prices for a ride with nearby drivers. GoGo give customers and drivers the upper hand and complete flexibility. 

Olivia is a senior at John Hersey High School and is the founder of the Dérive Travel Experience. Olivia says “Travelers experience many difficult issues like jet lag, packing, and spending valuable time on preparing. We want to make it easier with our app. It’s a customizable and sleek app that helps frequent travelers before and during their trip to avoid travel-related problems such as jet lag, packing, and not having contacts in other countries.” 

Maggie and Melissa are seniors at Libertyville High School. Together, they’ve developed a qualitative lactose indicator or “assay” using spectrophotometry to detect and analyze competetive inhibition from onpg. The end goal for their project is to develop a small, portable, user-friendly, handheld product that incorporates their method to be used by people with lactose intolerance. The product would be used to detect lactose in foods in order to determine whether the the food contains a concentration of lactose that is safe to eat, or above a certain “threshold” concentration that would give the patient symptoms.

Becca and Lexi (along with Nick Leming and Tyler Kirkpartick) are seniors at Normal Communtiy High School. They founded Cybercitizen, which is a service that teaches senior citizens to use technology to be able to communicate with their families, social isolation and onlien safety. They plan to do all of the classes in-person, and plan to charge a minimal fee to each person. They plan to connect their students with friends, family, and opportunities

Daniel is a junior at Morton High School. Daniel is a chemical researcher whose goal is to spread a love of science across the world, and bring together a community of young scientists who are willing to make a difference. Daniel live streams his science experiments live to social media platforms where he has thousands of views. Daniel has his own research office located in Morton. Daniel says “The first chemistry experiment I did in school, the simple experiment of separating sand, iron, and salt got me hooked. I enjoyed the feeling of discovery and realized I needed to get involved in scientific research.”

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