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2022-2023 Winners

At Knock Knock, we understand the frustration of having your privacy invaded when in the middle of an online meeting, studying, or working. The constant interruption of individuals opening your door and leaving them open on their way out can cause unwanted distractions and disturbances. That's why we set out to create a solution that would allow individuals to control their own privacy with ease. Introducing the first ever automated door closer, which can be activated with a simple click of a button or a voice command. Our minimalistic and sleek design will attach to the door frame or side wall and use a motor powered arm to seamlessly close the door. This innovative device is designed to provide individuals with a convenient and secure way to close their doors, ensuring that unwanted interruptions and distractions are kept at bay. Say goodbye to loud noises and other disturbances caused by your door being left open, and hello to the peace and quiet that you need to focus and be productive.

Team Members: Shailen Surati, Frank Mrozicki, and Rithvik Tripuraneni

We are a public safety company that aims to make college campuses safer. ADT reports that 82% of college students feel unsafe walking on campus alone. We are here to remove this fear. We created the Salus Security Band: a discreet emergency wristband for college students for when they are faced with a threat. We have currently tested our first prototype with a university and have garnered outstanding responses and feedback. With this feedback, we began producing our second prototype and are looking to manufacture it in May. If you have any questions or would like to connect further, email: [email protected]

Team Members: Isha Elandassery, Eileen Gasperic, Sav Subhash, and Meg Ghurram

From grates to flat tops to smokers, it seems to be impossible to get the new, clean look and feel on your grill. We understand that it’s difficult to clean all types of grilling surfaces and we're here to solve that with DotekiBrush. Dotekibrush is a grill brush with five interchangeable brush heads and grilling tools so all grillers can cook effectively and clean all grilling surfaces easily. With this premium, top of the line product, you will feel certain it will last a lifetime and you can show off that clean and pristine look to friends and family.

Team Members: Madeleine Yoon, Aidan Marchese, Grahme Valskis, Nishka Kolhe

OpenMind is a mental health organization I founded that offers comprehensive resources and services to support individuals in their mental wellness journey. The organization offers a range of traditional mental health resources, such as therapy and support groups, as well as cutting-edge technology-based solutions. The flagship offering is an AI-powered mental health therapist, designed to provide accessible, on-demand support for individuals experiencing mental health challenges. OpenMind's holistic approach to mental health, combined with its innovative technology offerings, sets it apart in the field and positions it as a leader in promoting mental wellness for all.

Team Members: Shashi Salavath

Solidify strives to combat two prevalent issues modern-day consumers face: plastic waste and concrete deterioration from acid rain. Our product is a powder-like additive manufactured by granulating plastic products that can be applied to liquid concrete mixtures. This additive will protect concrete against acid rain deterioration. Furthermore, Solidify combats plastic pollution by sourcing major ingredients in our products directly from commercial plastics.

Team Members: Revanth Poondru

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